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Our software is different because it’s written specifically for your organisation. We combine the great features of Caseworker Connect with the specific requirements of your service, so you are assured of a solution that meets 100% of your needs.

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For advisors, Caseworker simplifies data capture, organises files, and provides easy access to information. For service managers, Caseworker provides powerful insights across every aspect of service delivery. For trustees and directors, Caseworker improves funder confidence and simplifies benchmarking.

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Our approach is to bring a framework for case management that does all the things case management software needs to do (logging on, navigation, reports, auditing, security and so on) and then we work with you to develop bespoke recording screens based on the data points you need to record and more importantly, report. Our solutions are hosted on dedicated servers with dedicated hardware firewalls, here in the UK.

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Student Advice Software

Based on the proven success of Caseworker Connect, our student advice package – Caseworker Connect Student Services Edition – is designed specifically to meet the recording and reporting needs of student advice centres in HE and FE. Includes modules for Counselling services and ALF.

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