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We are an expert team of product managers, developers, designers, and analysts, firmly rooted in the third sector. We understand how to meet complex reporting requirements, demonstrate impact and evidence the client journey through outcomes, SRoI, feedback and case studies.

We build functional, easy-to-use, secure, and elegant solutions to help you be the best service you can.

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With Caseworker Connect, you can...

Access the right information

Caseworker Connect simplifies data capture, organises files, and provides easy access to information. Smart time-saving features let you work quickly without wasting time finding information or getting the latest status update.

Stay informed

Automatic highlighting of important information, monitoring tools and summary screens provide staff with instant access to key data so they can focus on delivering outstanding service.

Get the insights you need

For service managers, Caseworker provides powerful insights across every aspect of service delivery. For trustees and directors, Caseworker improves funder confidence and simplifies benchmarking.

Manage GDPR Compliance

Stay compliant at every stage of data processing and use Caseworker’s GDPR Centre to control data access and retention. Your data is hosted within premier UK data centres. Multiple servers ensure high availability and regular backups to different servers keep your data safe.

Drive the agenda

Caseworker is an invaluable information resource about the groups you support that no other organisation has. You’ll be able to education, inform and lead the agenda.

Grow your referral base

Why rely on clumsy Word or paper-based referral forms when Caseworker delivers web-based forms to manage incoming referrals professionally and consistently? You can automatically signpost inappropriate referrals and accept requests for service with a single click saving hours every day.

Plan for the future

Caseworker develops with the changing requirements of your funders and your organisation. Create a quality lasting quality system that will meet the challenges ahead.

Be more productive

You will experience substantial productivity gains from your team.

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