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Caseworker Connect

Caseworker Connect

What is Caseworker Connect?

Caseworker Connect is a database that helps organisations run case work and advice services.

How can it help my organisation?

Caseworker Connect is designed to benefit everyone:

  • For advisors, Caseworker simplifies data capture, organises files, and provides easy access to information.
  • For service managers, Caseworker provides powerful insights across every aspect of service delivery.
  • For trustees and directors, Caseworker improves funder confidence and simplifies benchmarking.

Case Management

Caseworker will change the way you organise, analyse and share case information, for the better:

  • Complete case file management systemcase-management
  • Maintain detailed records of current and archived cases
  • Monitoring tools to record case progress
  • Automatic highlighting of cases in need of attention
  • At-a-glance summary screens and overviews
  • Filters and reports to create key statistics
  • Add electronic documents to case files
  • Password protect sensitive cases

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securitySecure and encrypted access keeps your data safe.

  • Industry standard SSL certificate with 2048 bit encryption
  • UK Datacentre
  • Secure log on
  • Create user accounts with different access rights
  • Fully audited
  • Enable/disable access with a single click

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Geographic Analysis

Caseworker Connect Online allows up to date geo-visualisation of your service.

  • geographic-analysisPlot the geographic reach of your service
  • Indentify trends in presenting issues
  • Show how outcomes or problems correlate to particular areas
  • Evidence unmet need to support funding applications
  • Plot case loads by KPIs including postcode, district, LA or PCT
  • Assess and compare multi-site or multi-project services

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Outcomes Monitoring with built-in Sustainability Monitoring.

  • outcomesRecord formal outcomes for each service user
  • Show funders that you can sustain outcomes over time
  • Create outcomes based on funder requirements or in-house support plans
  • Assess outcomes against specific client groups
  • Define how long before an outcome may be considered as sustained
  • Record hard or soft outcomes

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Referral Management

referral-managementManage the work you do with incoming referrals

  • Quickly log information about all your referrals
  • Accept or reject a referral to evidence demand and reveal unmet need
  • Record the presenting issues to show trends
  • Log when signposted referrals are sent
  • Assign accepted referrals to one or multiple projects
  • Record key demographic information to inform KPIs

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Send text messages to staff, service users and other professionals

  • smsSend mesages to individual users and advocates
  • Send messages to multiple recipients
  • Set up automatic reminders and notifications
  • Log when signposted referrals are sent
  • Reduce the number of missed appointments
  • Fully integrated so you get a complete and accurate history of communications

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Quality of Service

quality-of-serviceRecord follow-up questionnaires to evidence quality of service

  • Evidence service user feedback
  • Create customer service metrics and scores
  • Demonstrate that feedback is a central tenant of your service delivery
  • Identify areas for continual improvement

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Case Notes

case-notesPowerful recording features make case notes a breeze

  • Tag your case notes according to the type of work for example, phone call, email, visit, research
  • A massive equivalent of up to eight pages of A4 text to record note information
  • Add date and time stamps to all your notes for an accurate history of events and actions
  • Create your own library of case note snippets. Insert them quickly and easily into your case notes to save time and improve the quality of recorded information
  • Add electronic documents to case notes
  • Group notes by contact type, duration, and outcome

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Advice Recording

Transform the way you record ad-hoc or short-term support and advice delivered through drop-in advice centres or telephone help lines:

  • advice-recordingMaintain records for multiple services. For example, if you operate a help line and a drop-in advice centre, or a drop-in centre that addresses different subjects on different days of the week, you can set up records dedicated to each service
  • Capture key demographic information about each enquirer to monitor fair access, diversity, and geographic reach of your service(s)
  • Record information about the nature of the enquirer’s query and log details of advice offered
  • Monitor the time spent on each query and assign each query to a named staff member to keep track of work activities
  • Print detailed reports for management information

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Client Recording

client-recordingRecord and analyse key information about your service users:

  • Log address and contact information
  • Record demographic information to assess geographical reach and fair access to services
  • Compare their goals and expectations with the case or advocacy outcome
  • Record their feedback for Quality monitoring
  • Assign reference codes for risk assessment

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Electronic Library

electronic-libraryCreate an electronic library of resources for staff and managers. The Library can store any type of electronic file including text, pictures, music and even video.

Every Library file – Planning and Strategy documents, training manuals, minutes, presentations, reports, and links to useful websites – automatically opens in the default application.

To protect source material, the Library stores a copy of the file, not the original so you can distribute material safely and securely.

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reportsChoose from over 60 different in-built reports to help you collect and analyse the information you need quickly and effortlessly.

Whether you are a service manager compiling the monthly management report or a case officer reviewing how you spent your time in the last week, Caseworker Connect gives you instant access to a range of service performance data.

Produce statistics across user-definable date ranges about case outcomes, referral sources, time recorded against cases, client groups, and more. Caseworker Connect Reports are displayed in your favourite web browser and are easy to share via email or the Caseworker Connect Library.

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Side-by-Side Calendars

side-by-side-calendarsManage appointments and schedules with the Outlook-style Calendar. A Calendar is available for every user and can be viewed individually or together to help you quickly compare schedules or organise meetings.

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Office Integration

office-ntegrationCaseworker Connect integrates with Microsoft Office to provide Spell Check and Mail Merge.

Caseworker Connect can also export raw data to Microsoft Excel, and report data can be dragged and dropped to quickly create tables and graphs.

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All you need to use Caseworker Connect is a modern browser. We take care of all the hardware, hosting, security and backups. Under the terms of the Data Protection Act, we are Data Processors and adhere to a data processing agreement so you can be sure your data is in good hands.

For technical evaluators of Caseworker Connect:

  • Caseworker Connect Online is a modern, responsive, html5/css/js application available through the browser.
  • It is written against version 4.5 of the .NET framework using Visual Studio combining VB.NET, C# and third party UI toolkits.
  • Caseworker Connect is deployed to an application server (Windows/IIS and secured with a 2048bit SSL certificate).
  • Data is held on a dedicated database server running Microsoft SQL Server database (currently SQL Server Web Edition 2014).
  • Reports are delivered by email or direct download to the browser. For large deployments we can host reports on SQL Server Reporting Services.
  • An additional business processing server runs SQL Agent jobs to implement business workflows and processes.
  • Our primary servers are hosted in a Tier III data centre – in London – with Rackspace
  • We have a secondary centre in North Wales for disaster recovery
  • Passwords are hashed and salted and so cannot be recovered.
  • Automatic logout after a predetermined time of inactivity
  • Two factor authentication where users are required to enter characters from a memorable word in addition to a password.
  • Administrators can define complexity rules for passwords including length, number of non-alphanumeric characters, expiry period and banned password lists.
  • Administrators may also leverage features of IIS to restrict access by IP address, time or location.

For technical evaluators of Caseworker Connect Student Services Edition, the Student Services Edition has all the elements above, and additionally:

  • Authenticate against an LDAP server and control access rights based on membership of Active Directory security groups. This can be extended to support single sign on so an authenticated (Windows) user is able to access the system without presenting credentials at a log on screen.
  • CWC can integrate student data in two ways:
    1. Selected student data is copied from an existing database (such as SITS, Banner or other Registry source) into a read only table in Caseworker, via – for example – a nightly batch job.
    2. Manual data entry via a form in Caseworker. This solution is provided for institutions that do not have access to existing student data.

    It is possible to combine both methods: where only selected data is released from Registry in read-only form, this can be “topped up” with manual entry of other data, such as additional demographic data.

  • Barcode scanning of Student ID cards to retreive student data

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