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Bespoke Software Development

Bespoke Software Development

Our approach

Our approach to software development is one of co-development in order to make best use of your sector expertise and our expertise in delivering high quality software. Our methodology has been extensively used and tested in previous engagements. It includes five phases:

1 Planning and Specification

This phase involves exchanging information with your staff to confirm the scope and develop a detailed written specification

2 Design

The aim of this phase is to establish jointly specific functionality for the new/upgraded system. The output from the design phase will act as a blueprint for the construction phase.

3 Construction

During this phase, we develop the application in accordance with the agreed specifications and design. Throughout this phase we will liaise with your assigned staff on an ongoing basis to ensure that development of the system is progressing. This phase concludes with the production of a demonstration version.

4 Test

We subject the system to exhaustive testing in order to ensure that the best practices have been followed.

5 Handover

During this phase, any remaining issues will be addressed and resolved. As part of our commitment to working with you, we deliver on-site installation, training, and provide a User Guide.