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17Dec 2018

Blue Door Software Has Built The Perfect Solution For Carers’s Centres Working With The Carers Census

When two successful entities come together to achieve one common goal, something inspirational happens. Blue Door Software, the UK’s leading developer and supplier of software solutions for charities, not-for-profit organisations, academic institutions and SMEs has teamed up with Carer’s Centres in Scotland, independent charitable organisations that offers practical support, advice and information for caregivers by phone or drop-in, to provide functional, effective software solutions that are use friendly and time saving as well. Let’s take a look at how this happened and what the benefits of Blue Door Software and Carer’s Centres of Scotland working together are.

When Blue Door Software got the call from the Borders Carer’s Centre in Scotland, they learned that the Carer’s Centre team was being tasked with completing a Carer’s Census for the Sottish Government. This meant that either more time, resources and labour were needed, or a better solution that could make generating these Census returns more automated would have to be developed.

Blue Door Software To The Rescue

The team of product managers, developers, designers and analysts at Blue Door Software began working on a solution to meet the needs of carer’s centres in Scotland and to make completing census returns easier and more manageable without the centres needing additional resource and labour. They had to create a solution that was easy to use, effective and that could save the centres both time and money.

What they came up with was software designed specifically for the Centres that would automatically generate the Census returns for them quickly and accurately. The software had to perform flawlessly and integrate with the carer’s centres already established systems. It also had to be easy to use so training time on the software could be cut in half.

The Benefits Of Blue Door Software’s Carer’s Centre Software

Not only did the software save the carer’s centres both time and money, it also made them much more efficient at completing census reports which enabled them to spend more time helping the people who need it most. Carer’s centres help caregivers by providing them with information and advice on topics such as benefits, respite and support services, advocacy, carer’s assessments, aids and much more. There work is invaluable to those who need it and being able to provide them with a time saving software solution is a proud moment for the team at Blue Door Software.

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