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21Nov 2018

How Industry Specific Software Can Benefit IMCA And IMHA Service Providers

Mental health is an important issue that all of us face regardless of who we are and where we come from. Whether a mental health problem affects us directly or indirectly, we can all agree that the mental health industry needs all the resources it can get to be able to help those who need it the most. This is why the IMCA and IMHA were created.

What Is The IMCA?

The IMCA, or Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy, was a key aspect of the Mental Health Capacity Act of 2005 and it provides an advocate for those who “lack the capacity and have no appropriate family or friends to consult, when a decision is being made about:

  • Providing, withdrawing or stopping serious medical treatment.
  • A change in the person’s accommodation where the NHS or local authority are proposing a stay of more than eight weeks in a care home.
  • A hospital stay of more than 28 days.
  • Adult protection proceedings.
  • Care reviews.”

The IMCA is someone who is independent of the patient, who is able to meet with the patient in private and who has the right to access any relevant health, social services and care home records.

What Is The IMHA?

The IMHA, or Independent Mental Health Advocacy, guarantees people “detained under most sections of the Mental Health Act, subject to Guardianship or on a community treatment order (CTO)” a voice. This advocate is someone who is independent of the detainee and of the mental health service and who can ensure the rights of that person are being protected.

While both the IMCA and IMHA are highly valued aspects of the UK mental health system, research shows that less than half of the people who need advocacy services actually obtain it. Additionally, it can be extremely difficult for the IMCA and IMHA advocates to be effective without the proper resources.

Caseworker Connect Software A Valuable Resource

This is where software from Blue Door Software plays an important, if not crucial, role. Caseworker Connect software packages are designed for third sector organisations providing advocacy services. This includes the IMCA and IMHA. By creating custom tailored software packages based on the needs of the caseworker, Blue Door is able to provide a valuable resource that can improve the levels of care mental health patients receive.

To learn more about Caseworker Connect software packages and the benefits it can provide, contact the experts at Blue Door Software Limited today.

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