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June 2018

25Jun 2018

Digital Transformation Trends to Watch in 2018

With the digital transformation under way in many industries around the world, there has been a need for innovative and effective software that can make using this new technology easier for caseworkers and other case management professionals. For many of these users to stay relevant and up to date on the latest digital transformation resources, they must stay current on all of the newest trends as well.

As a leading supplier of case management software to the charity and education sectors, Blue Door Software wants to share some of the important digital transformation trends to watch for in 2018. Let’s take a look:

Digital Transformation Trends to Watch

Blockchain- blockchain is here to stay and it is being developed into a useful technology that can help businesses in almost every sector and every country in the world. Blockchain can provide a digital ledger of transactions which can be made public without the need for a central authority. The healthcare industry has already adopted blockchain technology and it is being considered for use in the educational sector as well.

The Internet of Things- the internet of things (IoT) is being used in everything from smart homes, smart cars and wearable tech, to internet-enabled appliances and more. It is also being used to transform businesses, making them more profitable and more efficient, and it is providing new opportunities in analytics and computing.

Artificial Intelligence- AI is everywhere and with the help of virtual assistants, it is also mobile. Artificial intelligence can be used in a business setting as it can provide more predictive analytics through the aid of machine learning. It can be used for everything from connectivity to automation, or data analytics and it can be used to provide digital assistance for clients saving case workers a lot of time and educational or charitable organisations a lot of money.

Security- with the digital transformation comes new security threats. This means an increase in security measures and new software development methods as well as an IoT security strategy. New security features will include threat detection capabilities embedded into individual platforms and proactive and predictive approaches to security created by artificial intelligence.

If you are interested in learning more about the digital transformation trends in 2018, contact Blue Door Software and let one of our software development professionals assist you today.

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