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10May 2018

Effectively Meeting Regulatory Obligations with Caseworker Software

Caseworkers are often overworked and underappreciated for the work that they do. Their job is an important one as they help those who need it most whether in an educational, medical or advocacy setting. Recent improvements in case worker software has made their jobs more automated and less time consuming and have enabled many UK caseworkers to become more effective at helping their clients. But there are some behind the scenes aspects of a case workers day that go unnoticed by their clients and anyone who doesn’t understand the nature their work.

I am referring to regulatory compliance and the obligations many caseworkers and advocacy agencies face on a daily basis. The compliance burden has become greater in recent years and creates many challenges in the forms of technology, process and practice. Case management software from Blue Door Software offers a solution to meeting regulatory requirements and can make caseworkers more effective and efficient. This means more people get the help they need thanks to the commitment of software designers and developers.

This new level of caseworker software has regulatory requirements embedded in making them easy to use and almost completely automatic. Finally, caseworkers can maintain compliance with company policies, regulatory rules and codes of practice without giving it a second thought. Caseworker software from Blue Door offers out of the box usability and pre-configured solutions designed to ease the stress of UK caseworkers. With complaint handling, information requests and incident reporting built in, clients also notice an enhanced user experience.

CaseConnect from Blue Door Software helps UK organizations to comply by offering:

  • Complete case file management system.
  • Maintain detailed records of current and archived cases.
  • Monitoring tools to record case progress.
  • Automatic highlighting of cases in need of attention.
  • At-a-glance summary screens and overviews.
  • Filters and reports to create key statistics.
  • Add electronic documents to case files.
  • Password protect sensitive cases.

These features on their own are incredibly useful for case managers, trustees and directors, but when factored in with the industry leading support that Blue Door Software offers our clients, it becomes an absolute necessity for any organisation involved in helping people.

To learn more about how Blue Door Software can help your organisation meet regulatory obligations, contact us today.