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April 2018

30Apr 2018

How Digital Transformation, Innovation and Technology are Transforming the Way Charities Raise Money

Giving to charity has always been something that we do to help improve the lives of others. Whether it is feeding hungry children halfway around the world, or helping to rebuild a hurricane ravaged community, our charitable donations work to help make a difference in the world that can be felt by all of us. Sometimes, however, we find it difficult to give to those charities that were so important to us just a decade ago. With the switch from hard currency to digital, we don’t often have spare change to toss in the bucket outside the shopping centre or the cash to give to charitable organisations that set up at concerts or sporting events. We still want to donate, but if they don’t take digital forms of payment, we can’t.

Technology has made it almost impossible for charitable organisations to collect enough funds to carry out their missions. Or has it? The digital age might have made hard currency almost obsolete, but could it make it easier for anyone, anywhere and at any time to donate to the charitable organisation of their choice? Let’s take a look.

A Move to Tech-Based Donations

As of 2016, 7.2% of all individual donations in the UK were made online. Of those online donations, however, 17% were made using mobile devices. This is an increase over the previous year and a sign that people are getting used to the idea of making charitable donations online and they like the ability to use their mobile devices to make the donation process more convenient.

Custom Designed Software for Charitable Organisations

This is where software companies come into play. Today’s tech user was raised on the latest technology and they need more innovative ways to do things. That includes donating to their favourite charities. Companies such as Blue Door Software are designing and developing software specific to the charity industry that can make it easier for even small and medium sized charities to accept all of the new forms of digital payment from people all over the world.

While some organisations are reluctant to change, others are grasping this new digital era and using it for more than just a payment platform. They are driving donations, building relationships with donors and building a brand that can be more recognisable to future donors. Charitable organisations who embrace technology and take advantage of the impact it can have on their industry, will be more successful at raising both awareness and funding for their cause.

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