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May 2017

30May 2017

Why Digital Transformation is Important in the Advocacy Field

Whether you are a case worker, adviser, trustee or service manager, if you work in the advocacy field, you may have heard about the digital transformation. If not, you will very soon as many businesses and organisations are taking their operations digital and automating them to not only save time and money, but to make their organisation more effective at helping those who need it.

Just what is the digital transformation and how can it help your organisation? Most organisations will create a digital business strategy that includes streamlining the way they run their business and how their technology can be used to make them more successful. This may include adding new technology, creating an IT department or purchasing personalised software that is designed to make them more efficient.

Adding new technology and creating an IT department are self-explanatory as many organisations already have those factors in place. But what about the personalised software? How can that help and advocacy organisation become more effective at helping their clients? Let’s take a look using Blue Door Software Limited’s Caseworker software which was designed specifically for the advocacy field and can be tailored to the needs of any organisation or business.

Personalised software such as Caseworker can make organising, analysing and sharing case information easier and more efficient. Many of these software packages are complete case file management systems that can help users maintain detailed records of both their current and archived client cases. This ensures that client records and privacy is maintained while giving the user more information on any workstation throughout the organisation.

If case progress or alerts to cases in need of attention are important factors and tasks that are required on a frequent basis, case management software can help automate those tasks saving the user time. Another time saving feature of digital business automation is that the software can provide at-a-glance summary screens and overviews as well as creating key statistics reports.

If your organisation hasn’t gone digital yet, you could be missing some important opportunities to help your clients. Contact Blue Door Software Limited today and let one of our representatives assist you and answer any questions you might have.