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April 2017

23Apr 2017

5 Key Elements of Successful Project Development Teams

When creating a project development team, many project managers have a template of sorts that they go by to create, in their opinion, the perfect group of people for their specific project. But does that really create an effective project development team? Does it create a team that can work together, think together and, although remaining different and independent of one another, still become a creative force with one set goal in mind?
There are many ways to choose a project development team, but to create one that will be effective and high performing and that will make your next project a success takes some very important elements that we are going to share with you.
Some factors that are conducive to creating effective project development teams include:

  • Strong team leadership. Effective teams need a strong leader. One that will lead them without taking charge and that will understand each members’ individual strengths and weaknesses. They will offer opportunities for their team members to grow and to express their creativity while helping the team move forward.
  • Common goals and objectives. Obviously, the team should have common goals and objectives and it is up to them to work together towards this common goal without putting aside their own personal or individual goals. Following a common goal gives the team direction and sets the stage for moving forward.
  • Processes for getting things done. The team must have teamwork if they are to work together to achieve their goal. This means that they need to have certain processes in place enabling them to make decisions, assign tasks, manage conflicts that arise and finally, achieve their goal.
  • Diversity among members. Diversity among your project development team goes beyond race, gender and culture, although this is very important in global projects. What we mean by diversity in your team is that they should all have a wide range of skills and experience that complement each other and that will ensure they are able to meet their assigned goal.
  • Time to learn about each other. Most project managers will often rush their teams to reach their goal, but effective project managers will take the time to let their team members get to know more about each other. This enables them to know each other’s skills and experience and gives them the ability to find their own niche in the team. They will also become more comfortable working together which will let them challenge each other and offer suggestions as needed.

A good project development team takes time to create and develop but the results are well worth it. If you need an experienced project development team, contact Blue Door Software today and let our professionals answer your questions and help make your next IT project a success.