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January 2013

10Jan 2013

Blue Door Software announces new software for domestic abuse services


Blue Door Software announces the launch of DVOnline, an online case management system for domestic abuse refuge and outreach services.

Capable of managing all types of project work, from IDVA to target hardening and perpetrator programmes, for either refuge or outreach, the software has been designed for all types of domestic abuse services irrespective of the field of work.

DVOnline delivers a complete management system for support workers and service managers, providing the capability to capture, analyse and share information quickly and easily. In addition to this, DVOnline is a national database so services can opt-in to share information to provide regional insight into the demand for, and response to, service users presenting with dv issues. This gives services new opportunities to create local consortia, share best practice, develop common reporting frameworks, or aggregate data for statutory agencies.

We are very excited to be part of DVOnline in the North West. It will help us develop standard operating procedures for responding to and managing incoming referrals, and the data analysis will give us new insights across our service delivery portfolio.

Valerie Wise, Chief Executive of Preston Domestic Violence Services

With bank-grade security keeping data safe in secure UK data centres, DVOnline provides staff with instant access to information. Whether it is adding a new referral, updating a case with a new note, or reviewing the case list to identify cases in need of attention, DVOnline provides intuitive, task-focused screens to help staff work more efficiently, and ultimately provide a better engagement experience for the service users. Chronological views of case notes makes it easy to generate case reviews for agency meetings, and outcomes monitoring ensures that all services can demonstrate their social impact and strategic value.

Because all services using DVOnline in Lancashire will be recording information in the same way, we can all work together to drive service improvements across the region. We can now produce accurate stats about the geographic reach of our services, and provide the Police with updates of known perpetrator locations.

Debbie Springham, Blackburn & District Women’s Aid

Management information can be exported to a range of platforms, including Excel and Word and is customised by Blue Door to provide exactly the data that services need to produce for funders.

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To mark the launch of DVOnline, interested organisations can request a free 60-day trial or free onsite demonstration. Please contact our Product Manager, Chris Hill (

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